Monitoring Software provides PC monitoring software for Windows as well as Mac based computer. Computer monitoring software monitors system online and offline activities in real time. Download PC monitoring software to record all external users system activities in hidden mode.

PC Monitoring Software

PC Monitoring

PC Monitoring Software is useful program to track and record computer activities in hidden way. Computer monitoring program easily records typed keystrokes, website URL's, emails, chat, instant messages, web sites and other activities. Software facilitates real-time monitoring of entire keyboard working and secretly records every detail of computer and internet activities.

PC activity monitoring program easily generates reports of recorded activities that can be sent at user specified email address. Now you can find out what is happening on your PC, when you are away using PC monitoring Software.

Advanced PC Monitoring Software

Advanced PC Monitoring

Advanced PC Monitoring Software provides comprehensive solution to monitor computer activities. PC activity monitor program records entire system activities, windows snapshots, clipboards, chat logs, websites visited, composed emails, applications accessed, documents typed and other activities.

Software works in hidden mode and quickly captures active Windows screenshot. Now you can easily monitor what your children are doing on computer in your absence using parental control monitoring program.

Mac Monitoring Software

PC Monitoring

Mac Monitoring Software provides effective solution to track and record keystrokes and other activities performed on Apple Mac OS X installed Machine. Software is useful for monitoring internet activities of your Kids, Partner and Employees and other users. Monitoring software for Mac easily records composed emails, chat conversations, clipboard contents, USB drive insertion/removal and other activities.

Mac activity monitor program runs invisibly and provides option to hide software from desktop, Add/Remove Programs, control panel and installation path folder. Mac monitoring program captures Windows screenshots at regular time of interval so that you can easily find out what is being displayed on your Pc behind your back.